Dyslexia Materials is an online site that offers free advice, resources, and strategies as well as published products for students with dyslexia.  Our goal is to help students overcome their challenges by providing mindful and multisensory strategies and materials that will help them to maximize strengths and overcome weaknesses. Learning specialists, educational therapists, teachers, homeschoolers, and other professionals can learn ways to empower the individual needs of this population of learners as well as other students that struggle with the learning process. We are always open to new resources and product ideas as well as requests, so please let us know what we can do to better serve you and your students needs.  

Dyslexia Materials and Good Sensory Learning
Attention:  Dr.  Erica Warren
43 Lakefront Road, Putnam Valley, NY 10579

Author, Learnings Specialist, Educational Therapist, and Personal Trainer for the Brain

Aspiring to empower learners of all ages and abilities, Dr. Warren created a special degree program that united research and course-work in Educational Psychology, Special Education, School Psychology, and Adult Education.  Her doctorate, in Education from the University of Georgia, focused on the impact of learning difficulties across the life-span, life-long issues in learning, and comprehensive diagnostic evaluations.  Additionally, Dr. Warren completed a Masters degree in Educational Psychology, which focused on life-span development, cognition, and learning.  Finally, Dr. Warren also has a bachelors degree in fine arts.

Dr. Warren’s diverse training has created a well-rounded expertise in the areas of learning, cognition, assessment, and remediation.  Much of Dr. Warren’s time remains devoted to working one-on-one with students where her unique, multisensory approach focuses on compensatory learning strategies, cognitive interventions and remedial reading, writing, and math.  Dr. Warren founded Learning to Learn, her private practice in 1999, Good Sensory Learning in 2006 and Dyslexia Materials in 2013.


  • I watched your presentation on the Dyslexic Advantage website.  Loved it!!  I'm a mum of a 12-year-old with Dyslexia and ADHD. I was looking for help for my son to help make the transition to high school where greater self-management is needed.  Thanks!!
    I am also an Orton Gillingham
     Therapist and will recommend your resources to teachers and parents.  Always searching for fantastic resources and yours are top of my list!!  What you do is so important to raising the awareness of dyslexia and learning difficulties and resourcing those who seek effective intervention.                                                                                                                   -  Cheers, Rhonda

  • Dr. Warren's materials are fun, easy to use, and very effective with a wide-range of students struggling with a variety of critical thinking skills.  Her materials contain high-interest topics, presented in a kid-friendly manner, and capture the essence of a variety of fundamental thinking, reasoning, and learning skills.  The elementary and middle school students find the content manageable, interesting, and engaging.  In fact, many of my students look forward to doing work from Dr. Warren's materials, which are subsequently used as "reinforcers" that the students can "earn" once they've completed their work.  What a testament to the value of her materials.  I highly recommend Dr. Warren's tools for parents and professionals who are looking for comprehensive, effective, creative, fun and approachable materials to help build essential skills.  

                  -  IIaina Blum, Santa Monica, CA

  • Hello there Erica Warren, I’m 35 years old from Albania in East Europe which is the poorest country in Europe. I heard about dyslexia about 8 years ago from my friend. He had dyslexia but I did not know how to spell it when I looked on the internet. It has been one month now, and I looked again and I found your materials about dyslexia. I have watched your Multisensory Teaching for Dyslexic Students and for me is been mind opening to a new life and possibilities. It’s been one month and I have spent 6 hours watching videos and reading stuff about dyslexia. I have downloaded 5 programs that have text to speech and so on. Thanks for your time.   
                  -  Blerim Asllani, Albania
    • Thank you sooo much for making such wonderful products.  I knew your products would be winners when my students lined up to play your Puppy Party Game.  They continue to beg to play it... No kidding!  You are making me look good and my students love reading and writing with these fabulous games.  Thanks again.

                       -  Molly Hart, Reading Therapist, Washington, DC


    • I just had to drop you a note to say that your website(s) and the many resources you have both for purchase and for free have given my practice a tremendous boost lately, as my students were needing more variety and definitely more game playing.  Not easy to find in the world of phonics… at least games that are fun.  I think I came across your info on Linked In on one of the many groups I follow, and have since eagerly looked forward to your posts.  I am a former counselor/special ed teacher who recently went into private practice myself after completing a post-grad program in Educational Therapy out here in the SF Bay area.  Anyway, I just felt compelled to reach out and say hello, and again, thank you for all the resources you provide!
                     - Best, Cheryl Maslow, San Francisco, CA


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